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Monday, July 30, 2007

Morning folks. I'm happy to report that, although it took 2 days to get Dixie 6 hours down the road, we're safe and sound in Whitehorse. She still has a ways to go, but she is settling down more each time I drive a while. Of course being hog-tied, blindfolded, and beaten, has helped. KIDDING!!

I never did get any Gravol into her, in fact she has broken the skin on the back of my hand twice snapping at me while I'm trying to get a 1/2 a pill into her mouth. Putting it in cheese hasn't worked either, she just spits it out. The drops Audrey gave me she drinks in her water, and they help a bit.

What has worked is putting her sleeping blankie on the passenger seat, and because she is so well-behaved, just keep scolding her to stay there. When the panting and shaking get to be a bit much, I pull over and let her jump across to my lap and hold her until she settles down a bit, then repeat the process.

As a treat I'm going to get her a pedicure today, because her nails are starting to catch on the mats in here. I tried dragging her across a gravel parking lot behind the Bear, but her nails started to spark and I was afraid she'd ignite.

As for the scolding I've got to be real careful of how forceful I get. She knows when she has messed up, and will just sit and tremble, unable to look at me, with one paw raised. I'll leave her like that for a while, but it breaks my heart to watch her.

I'm going to stay here long enough to finally get a haircut, and do a bunch of shopping, banking, etc. I'm parked behind my friend's place and SHE is going to let me use her car while I'm here. For the use of the car, and being able to plug in, (electrically you preverts!) I'll probably have to take her to dinner. Her and I have been friends since she worked at the truckstop in Ft St John 23 years ago, and I'm happy to tell you that she says I'm as ornery as ever.

Along that line Dixie and I make a great pair, she thinks she's a 100 lb Rottweiller, and I think I'm still 40. Unfortunately one day we're both going to get our ass kicked real good, but until then we're having a blast.

Thanks for all your comments, and if I'm here long enough I'll get back to replying. It was especially nice to hear from Rebecca. She is the daughter of the family that gave me Dixie, and what a pretty, polite young lady she is!

Hope you're all well, and also hope to see you soon.

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