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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Morning folks. A well-intentioned comment yesterday, from a person I consider a friend, made me realize how futile, and foolish, this effort to keep the page going while up here has become.

Just as last summer when I spent a small fortune on motel rooms, not because I needed them, but to post the day's events, this too is becoming expensive. Over $1000, and untold hours, in Dawson City alone, not for a place to stay, but to get online.

I have never been an insecure person, but I have a great, fully self-contained motorhome, so why in hell am I putting myself through this? If I can't go off and do whatever it is I want to do, for however long, without fear of losing my "blog family", then it's time I re-thought my priorities.

You all know how much I appreciate the support and encouragement I get from you, especially during those times when Timmy is trying to kick my butt, but I'm reminded of the old joke...If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was yours. If it doesn't, hunt it down and kill it.

I'm sure that whenever I can get a secure connection, be it next week or next month, we can pick up where we left off. If not I'm going to find a big stick! It's a shame really, because I had, have, so many great pics and stories to share of this area. With many more to come. Now there's a teaser for you.

I plan to leave here sometime towards the end of the week, and also plan to avoid RV parks like the plaque. The government campgrounds, both here in the Yukon and B.C., are far superior to these over-priced rip-offs. So unless someone flags me down and comes running up with a modem cable, I really don't know when I can pick this up.

I'd ask you to wish us luck, but keep in mind I'll be driving over roads that I've driven hundreds of times. I'm also going to give the Bear a real good servicing right here in the park, and if I should happen to spill a drop of oil, they can lick it up as far as I care.

Please realize that this post was born partly out of frustration, but also out of an attempt to get real about this whole thing. If you're the people I think you are, you'll realize it's the right thing to be doing.

Other than taking our time getting home, I'm just going to play it by ear. Should arrive in about a month or so. From there, who knows.

Oops, wouldn't you know it. I made this up Monday afternoon, and without hitting Publish, up it went. Oh well, I just changed the post time.

Take care guys.

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