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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Morning folks. Sorry for being a day late, but after battling the horrible signal, it finally improved a bit when the server went down. 1 1/2 days later it came back up and I just started getting caught up on replies when the power went out. Dixie to the resue! Instead of a Class 5 eruption I grabbed the leash and a treat, and off we went. Of course we got caught in a downpour and got back looking like a couple of wharf rats, but even the hound seemed to be saying "it's got to get better, because it sure can't get much worse".

Actually everything is plump fine here. Dixie is eating well and not showing any signs of loneliness. The only time she'll whimper a bit is when she sees children, but I just call her to me, give her a little lovin', and she settles right down. She sticks pretty close to me when I'm out in the yard, but all it takes is a word and she'll go lay (lie) on her blanket by the door.

She showed her Jack Russell genes Friday morning, boy did she ever! I had asked the fellow in the next site to keep his little dog on a leash, but he seemed to have an attitude. Oh well. I was in here doing something when I heard the fight start, and am glad I was.

When I got out there and grabbed Dixie's chain she had the other dog by the throat, and it was not pretty. I think she caught it in her food, because I had chased it off once already.

As he was wrapping his dog up to take to the vet's he was threatening all kinds of legal nonsense. I didn't say anything, but thought that if you think Dixie is a handful, just keep mouthing off and I'll give you a handful!

Dixie was on her chain, in her yard, while even though I had asked, his dog was loose. So tell me, Captain America, how's that attitude working for you now?

A few hours later he came back, packed up, and moved on without a word. Atta girl Dix!

Update 12 pm....

I had much more to this post, all good, but have been going through the usual. Took Dixie to town this morning in the Bear and she was fine. I've got her kennel under the table by the cocktail chair so she can watch me while I'm driving. Next time I'll leave her out and try to get her to ride in the passenger seat, or even up on the dash, because it's plenty big enough.

Couldn't get her brand of chow, Pedigree, but bought a bag of Kibbles 'n Bits. Boy, does she like that stuff! Also got her some Milk Bones, and tried to get her a rawhibe chew bone to gnaw on, but they didn't have any. Oh well, I'll just find her a small dog. Okay, that's enough of that!

I've lost so much of this post already I'm hesitant to type further. Do want you to know that I've got some portrait-type photos of her done by a professional photographer that was here for a few days. She is on her way to Inuvik, and in return for a bit of advice on driving that road, which I gladly gave, she took the pictures gratis.

For the umpteenth time I'll try to get this up. The pics, and news of a possible move before my time is up here to follow when I can.

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