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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Morning folks. My venting at the crappy services that I had paid for, but wasn't receiving, seems to have worked. I put the laptop in it's case, thereby eliminating a lot of stress, grabbed the hound, and went on with my life.

As a consequence I'm still here at (ugh) Guggieville. Some nice folks have moved in beside me, that I'm enjoying the company of, and I have decided to ride out the time I have left on my "lease".

Yesterday I brought this out and got online so decided to try again this morning. So far, so good. If this makes it, great, if not, back into the case.

Dixie, or Killer Dog, is doing fine. We've pretty well settled into a routine now, one that because of her intelligence requires very little work on my part. She was getting a bit rambunctious on our walks, but all it took was shortening her leash to make her stop chasing every bug, bee, bird etc. As for other dogs, as long as they're leashed she doesn't act up, but if they're loose she becomes the Dog from Hell.

Here in the motorhome she is no problem whatever. She knows where she is, or is not, allowed to be, and all it takes is my pointing to keep her in line. Other than coming over for a little pet when I'm here at the table, she's either on the couch, in her kennel, or sitting looking out the screen door. Outside she is equally well-behaved. When not with me on the leash I keep her chained to the picnic table, and while I'm home she wanders around out there letting people pet her etc. but if I go to the garbage for example, she moves over to the step, and poor pity anyone that comes near the place.

I'm not going to try to reply to all of your comments, that might be pushing my luck, but do want you to know how much I appreciate each and every one of them. It was especially nice to hear from Mike, Audrey, and family. As was said, THANK YOU so much for this wonderful gift, and for the excellent training you gave her. She's a delight!

I've been trying to put a couple of pictures up, but no luck, so I'll just try to post this. Hope you're all well, and I'll probably see you before I leave here.

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