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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Morning folks. Well, 2 more days here at Ughieville and it will be time for Dixie and I to hit the road. Since starting back will mean that in some ways the trip is over, I can declare that, other than these blasted RV parks, it's been a complete success.

There is still a lot of travelling to do before I reach home, but the things I wanted to do, I got done, and then some. Most importantly, to me at least, is that the feeling of peace and serenity I long felt in this country is still there. Having Dixie now to walk along with and share the memories, in thought at least, just completes the package for me.

I've already got the Bear completely serviced and ready to go, so today will be housework, laundry, and generally getting things ready for travel. Tomorrow will be lots of walking over some of the trails I've found, early to bed, and at 5 am Saturday we're truckin'.

Other than doing lots of camping on the way back, my plans are very loose. Will probably stay a few days in Whitehorse, then, who knows. Should arrive home sometime around the end of August.

After 3 short trips Dixie is still not travelling well, in fact she panics, but I'll try different remedies, including letting her sit in my lap. If I have to stop to let her out more than I want to, so be it. Hopefully in time she'll settle down.

I'll try to check in at Whitehorse, but other than that I'm not sure when I'll see you again. Just know that all is well with me, and that I'm looking forward to once again having a reliable connection so that we can get back to some serious natterin', with pictures.

Hope all is well with you, take care of yourselves, and I'll see you when I can.

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