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Friday, August 03, 2007

Morning folks. Well, another no news is good news day. I'm sitting here with an IV coffee drip going, with a pack of smoky-butts at the ready, and the lady of the manor is over there in her kennel admiring her nails.

Speaking of the boss, I think I'll go to Wally-World this morning and buy her one of those pet beds. She loves sitting in the passenger seat, with the curtains on her side open, watching the world go by. I'm thinking that this would give her another 'comfort zone' for when we're travelling.

Not sure when we'll leave here, probably no later than Monday, then start the slow trip home. Plan to do a lot of camping, and maybe a side-trip into Prince Rupert B.C. That part will depend on the condition of Highway 37, the Stewart-Cassiar Road. If it's not too bad I'll take the Bear over it, otherwise it will be back down the Alaska Highway and basically re-trace my steps.

The weather, while still nice during the day, is starting to cool quite a bit at night. In fact I've got the space heater running at the moment, and soon will let Killer out of her kennel. She'll come bounding over here for some lovins, then sit in front of the heater with a contented look on her face. Can you tell who's running this place? Sheesh!

Hope you're all doing well, and thanks for stopping by.

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