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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Morning folks. You'd almost think that at my age I would learn, but after yesterday's post, put up in frustration, and subsequent comments, especially Audrey's, apparently I haven't.

One of my faults has always been that when something bothers me I blow off steam. Once done I move on, usually somewhat sheepishly. Such is the case concerning Dixie. But first the parking situation.

As I was preparing to leave yesterday the manager of the store came out and asked me to stay, not only stay but move around to the front and set up, awnings and all. Sort of an 'in your face' to the petty bureaucracy. If I was downtown that would be one thing, but I'm actually in Porter Creek, a suburb at best, along the Alaska Highway. So here I sit, hooked up, online, use of a car, and watching the trucks roll by.

Now to my little darling. I was nowhere near giving up on Dixie, simply blowing off steam. She has far more good points than bad, and even those are not all that bad given the situation. She is so well-behaved, and intelligent, that I am proud to have her with me, but simply have to understand what she's going through. Audrey's comment made that clear to me.

I've had her into town twice now in the Bear, and each time she's getting better. She sits in the passenger seat, still somewhat fearful when we're moving, but when I get out to do my business, she doesn't move. She'll watch me walk away, then sit down and won't stir until she hears me calling her name. Then the stubby little tail gets to wagging, and when I get in she's all over me. I love it!

She has also captured the hearts of everyone here. There is a steady stream of workers and customers coming over to pet her. The manager, and Bea, have hinted they'd like to have her but that is not going to happen. I'm not certain what the future holds for us, but if it doesn't work out it won't be for a lack of trying, on both our parts.

As with her sister Daisy she was not eating well, so I would sit and feed her by hand, piece by piece. She's finally coming around because yesterday's second feeding she ate like a champion, without any prompting. With the amount of walking we do, when she seems happiest, I was concerned about her losing weight, but so far everythings fine.

So there you have it guys, sort of a mea culpa, or much ado about nothing. We're both doing well, and next time I get frustrated (when am I never) I'll keep it to myself.

Once again I have to thank you for your comments, because as always, they have helped. As I've said so many times, although I'm alone, I don't feel alone. You really don't have to be with people physically to feel part of a family, and I'm proud to be part of this 'blog family'.

Not sure how long we'll be staying here, but for now at least everything is plumb fine. Take care of yourselves, and once again....Thank You!

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