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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Morning folks. Little slow on the draw today, made even later by Her Highness taking her sweet time checking out possible dump sites. All this of course before I even had the first cup of plasma. I made the mistake of letting her out of the kennel before I tended to my own needs, and she let's you know in no uncertain terms to 'open the damn door, I've gotta go'. By the time she picked a spot I was just about ready to join her.

I turned the coffee machine on before we left, and now that I'm trying to get enough in me to focus my eyes, she's sitting here looking at me as if to say ' aren't we forgetting things, FEED ME!'. I've created a monster.

Another reason for being a bit behind is that because I'm parked at a 24 hour a day convenience store/hang-out for young people, the nights are a bit noisy. I really don't want to sound unappreciative, but this place is a gong show. Thumping music, trail bikes, ATVs, skateboards, and Dixie trying to keep order, makes sleeping somewhat of a joke. But still, I'm enjoying visiting with Bea and being able to see some of the places from the past.

Other than the above, it's another slow news day. I'm doing fine, and starting to make plans to hit the road, probably tomorrow, but no later than Monday. Since Dixie has sniffed or fertilized every grain of sand in a 2 mile area, I guess it's time to find her a new playground. Me too!

Once underway getting online will be extremely spotty at best, but since all I do is talk about you-know-who, maybe it's time for a break for both of us. At any rate, I'll probably see you in the morning. Hope you're all well, and enjoy your week-end.

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