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Friday, August 10, 2007

Morning folks. My plans to tour around town, and the waterfront, yesterday hit a snag, the same type I hit in Dawson City. I couldn't get a ride, and because this RV park is so far from anything, walking was not an option. If I could have caught at least a ride into town I could have hoofed it around, then maybe a cab back. But all I got were the same phoney excuses as before.

You can be sure I'll rectify this situation before I head off on another trip like this. If I go south this winter, almost certain, I'll tow the Cadillac, but for the planned trip to the Cariboo next summer I'll buy a Jeep-type beater so that I'll never get caught like this again.

The above has kind of soured me on this place, so I'm going to move on down the road today. Too bad really, because it is a real nice park. As for people, don't get me started.

These two shots I took from right beside the Bear. What a great view first thing in the morning.

And of course I had to sneak another one of Dixie in. You'll have to embiggen to see her.

Not sure how far I'll go today, but it probably won't be too far. Also not sure when I'll be back online. If I put my mind to it I could be home in 2 days, but truthfully I'm not ready to go home, so who knows, just play it by ear.

Sorry things didn't work out, but I think it best to move on, before I get more ornery than I usually am. So far everyone still has all of their limbs intact, but I can't promise how long that will last with this bunch.

Take care guys, see ya on down the road.

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