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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Morning folks. Made it down to White Rock and back safely, and also got so very much done that one more trip, this weekend, should finish everything. As comfortable as I am driving the Bear, what a treat it was to get back in my car. No more bumming rides, now I can get back to cruisin' the boulevard lookin' for chickarinos. Okay, settle down!

The 5 hour plus ride on the bus was about what you'd expect, and almost could have been avoided. On Friday I had called my bud, Bill the Barber, to ask if he could pick me up at the bus station in Langley. He was not in so I left a message. On Saturday I tried again twice, no luck, and figured that with him being an avid fisherman he was off doing his thing. I was right.

On Friday night he went through here at 11:30, saw the Bear, but thought that because of the time I would be in bed so he would stop on his way back Sunday morning. End I was going down the road on the Hound, he was 3 hours behind me in his motorhome. Now there's a co-inky-dink for you.

I had a nice visit with him, and will be seeing him again Monday morning when he comes around to pick up some things I'm giving him. I've found homes for all my furniture, and it should be all gone when I get back down there. I brought a load of small things, clothing etc back in the car with me, and will get the rest this coming trip.

Bill will be back up here again actually. Since I don't have a hitch on the back of the car he is going to tow a car dolly I'm buying up here for me with his van, then I can hook it up to the Bear, run the Caddy up on it, strap it down, and I'm ready to head South. He can stay here with me for a couple of days, and you can be sure that he'll be amply fed and watered (hic) for his efforts.

I saw Dixie yesterday, from afar, and she looked as happy as I knew she'd be. I've also been told by a couple of guys that were out at the ranch that she has settled in wonderfully. Michael has also checked on her for me, and all is well.

This whole experience has happened so quickly that I was sure that I would start having feelings of "buyer's remorse". Just the opposite! I was so glad to get back here yesterday, and as I sit here in the Bear I realize that this is my home, and I've left the past in the past. I must have been ready for a change, because it feels right. It sure didn't hurt when a guy here said I'm glad to see you back. All of this in just over a week!

I'm off now to belatetedly answer comments from my last post, but first I've got to admit that it feels great to be starting a new life, but still have contact with the old one through this medium. I've also got to admit that having you guys along has made this transition that much easier. Thank you!

Take care of yourselves, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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