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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Morning folks. Sorry for being AWOL yesterday, but the transfer of Dixie to her new home affected me more than I thought it would. When the actual hand-over took place, I had already loaded her stuff in his vehicle, and when I opened the door to lift her up she jumped in and was on his lap with the little tail wagging as they pulled away. It almost seemed that she sensed what was happening, and was quite happy to start her new life.

Life with me at the end of a chain, or in the kennel, is not what I wanted for her, or what she deserved. Michael took me out to the fellow's place, unfortunately I didn't have the camera, and all I can say is I wish that he would adopt me. A beautiful log rancher-style home, log outbuildings, and nothing but space at the base of a mountain. What a wonderful spot. Oh, and she did not see me, he had her in the house.

I'll be leaving here in a couple of hours on the bus to go down and get my car, and get the process started to close up shop. In fact Boop has already begun some things that will help me with it. The further this goes along the better it feels, no qualms, or butterflies, about anything.

I went to a local music Jamboree here yesterday, and although I can't say that I enjoyed myself because of what took place in the morning, I was able to get a good sense of the community I've adopted. I feel that I fit right in here, my kind of people. Good ol' boys with the thumb hooked in the jeans, kickin' rocks, and sayin' s**t. heh heh

Hope to be back Wednesday, and then make a trip down every week or so until everything is finished. I guess I was ready for this, because I can't wait to get it done.

As always, hope you're all well, and thanks for stopping by.

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