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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Morning folks. Well, unbelieveably, I managed to get everything done and am back safe and sound in the Bear. Of course I didn't do it all by myself, Boop was in charge of cleaning, son Mike was the needed muscle, and even my bud, Bill the Barber, pitched in. I've still got a few boxes to bring in from the car, but basically I'm moved.

Speaking of Mike, he took me out for a wonderful lunch on Sunday, and what a great chat we had. After learning how everyone feels about what I've done, I'm more convinced than ever I've done the right thing at the right time. As I sit here in this peaceful place watching the sun rise over the mountains, I know I'm where I belong.

Because the Bear doesn't have a so-called "Arctic Package" I was a bit concerned, with fall approaching, how warm it would be in here. No more concerns, it is 0 degrees Celcius here this morning, with frost on the ground, and with just my little space heater running I'm quite comfortable in here. I'm going to put this heater in the bedroom, buy one just a bit bigger for the living area, and if it gets real cold some nights I've always got the furnace as a back-up.

Well, I've had my brekky, so I guess it's time to start putting things away that I brought in last night, and finish bringing the rest in. Luckily the Bear has lots of storage space, cupboards, closets etc, so with a little planning it won't look like a 7-eleven store that just blew up in here.

Just wanted to let you know that all is well. Off now to reply to yesterday's comments, then to work. Take care guys, and as long as this connection stays up I'll be here happily nattering away.

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