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Monday, August 27, 2007

Morning folks. I'm back down in White Rock, having got here yesterday. But first, where the heck have I been. I've been trying to get online but the unsecured wireless network I've been poaching up there went down, so I've been drilling a dry hole. Just to ensure that it was not my laptop at fault, I brought it down and am using it now. I have an idea what happened, too many loose lips, so I'm not sure what to expect when I go back.

Got a lot done yesterday, and if all goes well I'll finish what I have left to do today, then Boop and the boys have the rest of the week to remove all the big items. Just as I felt last trip, I am so ready for this, in fact when I got back up to the Bear I felt I was home.

Since I will be shutting off all services effective Aug 31, my e-mail addy will change. I've opened accounts at both hotmail and gmail, and will give them by mail.

We've been trying to get Boop to slow down, but with her sister Marg in the final stages in a private palliative care home, I suppose staying busy is helpful for her. She's stubborn, but we're concerned about her own health. The boys assured me they'd watch her.

Yes Audrey, I sent the mail when I said I did. I now have the second failure notice, using ma......

Just noticed that my gmail addy is showing at the top of the Blogger page, so I guess I did it right. Must remember to start using it here. Sorry I'm not more talkative, or nattery, but the truth is I'm dragging butt. Hopefully when I get back "home" the network is back up and running and I can get caught up. I can handle the physical, but the stress of it all is wearing.

Hope you're all well. See you when I can.

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