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Friday, August 31, 2007

Morning folks. Not much to natter about this morning, except to say that all is well. I did take a drive over to Kamloops yesterday (approx 150 miles return), did a little shopping, and learned that in the short time I've been here in Clinton I've come to appreciate the small-town quality of this place. Hell, we don't even have a traffic light!

Hard to believe that I used to make my way around places like LA, Chicago, etc, with no problems, yet yesterday the traffic in that small city bothered me to the point that I got out of there before I finished what I set out to do. Guess my summer in the Yukon, and now here, has sensitized me to that nonsense, and now I just want peace and quiet.

Not sure what to expect when I head for Quartzsite in about 6 weeks, but if there is too much hustle and bustle, I'll just go park out in the desert. Me and my pet vulture.

When I opened e-mail accounts at both gmail and hotmail I tried to import the address book from IncrediMail, but somehow messed up because everything is gone. I know that there is a transfer wizard in here, and I'll keep putzing with things until I figure it out. Slowly I'll get my new addy to you, and your info back in here.

Have a good weekend. Might try to resurrect Saturday Chuckles, and L'il Bear Sundays, no promises though because the connection is still acting up. See ya later.

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