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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Morning folks. I think I'm going to be able to handle this place plumb fine. First my new bud Chris brought me some delicious smoked trout for dinner last week, then last night Michael, the owner here, invited me down for a big Mexican feed.

I'm used to eating Tex-Mex on the road, and really like it, and the spread he put on last night was as good as any I've eaten. He was actually born in Guadalajara Mexico, and boy can he cook! He loaded up one dish with habanjero peppers and was watching me to see if I could handle them, while I was determined not to let him see how close to tears I was. Of course the only way I could put the fire out was drown it in Corona Extra, but he was impressed. Now that he knows I like the food he said that one day a week he'll cook up a dinner for us. Yup, I can handle this.

Other than that pleasant surprise I didn't do much yesterday except wash the car. In a town full of dusty ol' pick-em-ups I get teased a bit about how clean I keep the car, and the Bear, but I also get a lot of compliments. One fellow offered to buy the car, but that's not going to happen. In the 53 years since I bought my first car, a '33 Dodge, this one is by far the best I've ever owned or driven. 10,032 miles in 29 days last summer, and not a whimper out of it. And although it's got a strong 4.5 litre V-8, that goes like a raped ape, by driving it sensibly I consistently get 28-30 mpg on the highway. Nope, she ain't for sale, at any price.

Another good thing that is happening is that I'm able to sleep more. Whereas before 4 hours was the norm, now 6 or 7 is no problem. Don't think I need to be a nuclear physicist to figure this one out. At this rate I'll soon be almost fit for human consumption, with the key word there being almost. Seriously though, people don't realize that they are trapped in unhealthy situations until they make the move to change said situations. I was always happiest on the road, and I've made the move to return there.

I've typed this drivel out at 3:30 am Thursday, but the connection is broken again so I'm not sure when I can post it. (Oops, almost said when I can get it up.) I'll just leave this window open and publish when I can, because this is too much one-fingered hunt-and-pecking to do over. As well as I'm getting along here in this park this Wi-Fi problem might drive me out. There is another RV park here that has it's own wireless network, that I've talked to, and if I wasn't paid up here until Sept 30th I'd probably move. Since I'll be heading south soon after that anyway I'll stay here, but when I come back in April it will be to the other park.

Of course I might run into a situation that is even better yet somewhere along the trail to cause me to change my plans yet again, but that's the beauty of being completely self-sufficient and independent. At any rate, take care guys, and I'll see ya when I can.

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