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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Morning folks. I must say, speaking for myself of course, that it's nice to see the l'il guy up there on a Sunday morning. With all that has changed in my life in the last while, it's nice to be able to return to some form of normalcy. I toyed with the idea of putting an image of Dixie up there, but L'il Bear has been a part of this site for so long that I opted to stay with him. Besides, Dixie, bless her little heart, is in a much better place.

Although she was just with me a short while, I became attached to her. I miss our walks, yes even the early morning potty runs when she would take forever to find the right spot to make a "deposit". I miss her sitting over there on the couch with her paws crossed, and when I would look at her, that stubby little tail would get to wagging. As for the vaunted intelligence of Jack Russells, I can assure you that she was at least as smart as a lot of humans I've dealt with over the years.

My new bud Chris, the one I linked to, dropped by and asked me to thank those of you who went over to his book site. I didn't say anything to him about the link for a couple of days, then sent him an e-mail asking if he noticed a bump in his hits. He came roaring in here yesterday with a big grin, and promises of more of those smoked trout. So, on behalf of the ol' cowpoke, thank you!

The culling process I mentioned is well underway, but I gave up on the little paper shredder. God, I had log books, invoices, statements, etc etc going back 20 years. So I built me a big ol' bonfire and burned it all. Michael stopped by and asked why the big fire and I told him I was burning the evidence. So as long as the bodies don't wash up, I think I'm safe. KIDDING!

Hope your weekend is going well for you. Take care of yourselves, and if the Good Lord is willing, and the harness holds, I'll see ya tomorrow.

I had this ready to post at 3 am Sunday morning but couldn't make a connection. Since I don't have much to add to it I thought I'd take the lazy way out, save it, and post when I can. Forgiven?

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