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Monday, September 17, 2007

Morning folks. Since I couldn't get online yesterday, L'il Bear has been a little miffed. He wanted me to tell you about my seeing Dixie, so just to ease his mind I let him show up today.

Figuring that Dixie had been out at her "estate" long enough that seeing me wouldn't confuse her, and for my own peace of mind, I went out for a visit. Confuse her? Hell, she didn't pay any attention to me. Other than coming over as she would to anyone, she paid me no mind. I won't use the fellow's name, but every time he moved she was glued to him. They have so bonded.

He brings her into town when he comes in, but when they go back out, he closes the gate and she has complete freedom to roam off leash. He tells me that she has her schedule. First thing in the morning she checks "her" yard, does her duties, then comes in for breakfast. Watching her out there, and the interaction between them, confirms for me that I did the right thing.

He is a very private person, and asked that I not post any pictures, which I respect. But believe me, it truly is a country estate. In fact the other day he took her quail hunting, and now I'm glad I had her nails done, because she seems to be living quite a hoity-toity life. Certainly one much better than I could offer, and that's what I wanted for her.

Not much happening here this week, but I will be going back down to White Rock on the weekend to finalize everything, and hopefully get my prescription refilled at the Cancer Clinic. I'll be checking out two possible winter sites on the way down, and if they don't pan out, then I'm Arizona bound. It's funny, but as much as I love travelling, my heart is not into going south, and I think it's because I've settled in here so well. But with the weather coming, and the Bear not being winterized, I've either got to move closer to the coast, or go all the way, and head for Arizona.

Hope your week goes well for you, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

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