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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Morning folks, and yes it feels good to be able to say that. Quickly, my absence can be explained thusly....had a little setback a few days before leaving Clinton, got over that, but then couldn't get online before leaving. So, Monday morning Oct 1, as planned, I put the car into storage in a locked, guarded compound, saddled up and rode.

Because my border crossing, Osoyoos, took me past the dealer's where I bought the Bear, I stopped, had a great visit, and also had my 2-day pass at an upscale RV Park/Holiday Resort renewed since I hadn't got to use it. Stayed there in Winfield Monday and Tuesday night, but strangely couldn't get online other than dragging everything to a Rec center. No thanks.

Wednesday morning, off to the border. Everything in life should be as easy as the crossing was. Checked me out on the computer, made a perfunctory walk through the Bear, chatted a few minutes, wished me a safe trip, and it was finally YeeHaw time.

Stopped at the first grocery store, stocked up a bit, and get this, they gave ME exchange on CDN dollars. How sweet it is!

For all my talk about taking my time coming down, I was back in my element. So I hammered down, and 3 days later I pulled in here. I actually did stop a few places, but the weather was lousy (snow and 32F) and I figured if I've got to burn propane to run the furnace, I might as well burn gas and turn the wheels. Besides, putting me behind the wheel is like putting your hand in a glove.

By Saturday noon, Oct 6, I was set up here, rent paid, at the Paradise RV park in Quartzsite AZ. Within an hour I had ordered phone installation, and high-speed internet. On Wednesday, as promised, they showed up but found a problem with the junction box, so it was Thursday when I got my phone working, and yesterday (Fri) UPS delivered my modem. I managed to hook everything up properly, and the rest is history. I brought my wireless router with me and will try to get it working today, because it is a jungle in here with all the wires etc., but no matter, I'm on and plan to stay on until at least the end of March. So be prepared for some industrial-strength natterin'.

Since I still haven't found a beater for transportation, I'm going to drive the Bear over to Blythe CA tomorrow ( no biggie..20 miles) do a bunch of shopping, and buy a new TV, since I managed to bust this one. The on/off button wasn't working properly, and being so patient (NOT!) I poked my finger right into the TV. Whoops! Hopefully by Wednesday my satellite dish will be set up and I'll be all set. I've also ordered a 50 gallon water tank from Yosemite Mountain Spring Water, because the water here is not the best, to put it kindly. So slowly it's all coming together.

As for the weather, well, for the first time in my life I'm wandering around in sandals and shorts, and lovin' it! Still a bit hot during the day ( 104 under the awning), but cools off nicely at night. The days will start cooling shortly, and then just be perfect all winter.

I'll take some shots of my site with it's concrete patio slab and storage shed, and also the loaded orange tree just at the back of the Bear. Not ripe yet, but boy are they big oranges. Might have to get me a jug of wodka and make some screwdrivers. Speaking of booze, I bought a 30-pack of beer (Natural Ice) for $13.49. Who needs water?

Well, there you are guys, all caught up. It's just so damn nice to be back with you. As I sat here this week waiting to get hooked up I realized what an intregal part of my life this is, and you are. And for that, among other things, I'm thankful.

Be as nice to yourselves as you are with me, and life will truly be a bowl of cherries. I know that sounds corny, but damnit, I'm hungry. At least I didn't mention shrimp.

Later guys.

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