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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jude here!

So we're all agreed that we're looking forward to lining up to give Bob a kick in the pants for not speaking to us. I'm thinking that while we're waiting, we could have a little fun with this, no?

While we each own a leg or two with a foot on the end to kick with, there might just be some other choice weapons to use on the naughty Trucker too.

Like this.

Hmm. I'm concerned he might like that though.

Okay maybe this?

Uh, no I think he'd REALLY like that one too much!

Maybe there's another way.

What's your choice, any other suggestions?

And no, those are not devil horns you see growing out of my head.

Bob knows I'm not evIL, but that I just like to get evEN. Mua haha.

Jude (aka Judles, aka Babushka, aka Dudette)

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