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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hi everyone this is Jude, Bob is OKAY!

It took me all damn day to get the courage to.... A) bother Betty and..... B) find out if anything happened to Bob. I'm sorry I made you all wait, but I guess I'm just a damn chicken about hearing any potential bad news. I had a lovely chat with Betty (Boop) boy is she a wonderful lady!

Apparently he left over a week ago (she couldn't remember which day for certain) and said he was going to take his time getting down to Arizona, perhaps even a few weeks. So I don't know whether to hug the guy or kick him in the pants for scaring us so bad! LOL

After spending some time with Betty on the phone talking about her terminally ill sister (still bad news there unfortunately) and about Bob, she very kindly agreed to take down my phone number in the event something like this (but scarier) ever happens so that we will all know.

Bob, if and when you read this post, consider yourself in big trouble for scaring us! Might as well bend over so we can all line up to hug you then kick you one. Hee hee


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