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Monday, October 15, 2007

Morning folks. I held off going over to Blythe CA yesterday so that I could be close to the phone for Betty. She did call, and asked that I tell you how much she appreciates your kind thoughts and prayers. She also told me that she understands better now what I mean about this blog family. Contary to what a lot of people think, computers, used properly, can be a wonderful thing, and this was just one small example. We are spread all over the globe, but were able to come together and show compassion when needed. Thank you!

Since I was getting awfully close to having to try and make a salad from the lint in the vacuum cleaner bag, I walked to the store before the sun got too cruel. Hoo- boy, what a hike. I kept the shopping to a mininum but still had 3 bags, so I gritted my tooth and prepared for the Death March home. As I was standing outside the store a fellow that looked like a good ol' boy pulled up and within minutes I had a ride home. I offered him a cold one as thanks, but he passed this time. He's going to help me find a beater, but in the meantime he said that anytime he's in my area he'll stop by for the cold one and take me wherever I need to go. Think we found a new member to the family.

Here's a few more pictures of where I am. This one I took out along the street in front. That car is in Site 1, Site 2 is empty but reserved, and I'm in Site 3.

Basically the same shot, you can see the back of the Bear.

I'd hate to stumble and fall into this, would definitely be a major oweee!

If you embiggen this you'll see the Cafe sign just up the street from me. I go there for the health food, as in a big ol' plate of yummy-damn-yummy biscuits and gravy. Afterall I have an image to maintain.

This is a much appreciated shade tree just to the right of me.

I'll start taking the camera with me when I go wandering, and yes I'll take some DVs and hope they'll post. Now all I have to do is win the lottery and bring you all down for a barby. There's actually a clubhouse here for the use of the tenants, so maybe I should buy a ticket.

It's been quite a year for me, up to the Yukon and Alaska, settled in Clinton, and now down here in this beautiful weather. So take that Timmy, there's still lots of life for me to live, made all the better by being able to share.

Hope your week goes well guys. See ya tomorrow.

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