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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Morning folks. If you're looking for good news you've come to the right place, but first, Kudos to you guys. This is post #600 at this site, with 36,000 hits and counting, and without you none of it would be possible. Add to those numbers 2 years at my previous page, Over The Road, and you'll see why I'm so grateful to be a part of this. Thank you all!

Now the good news. Instead of constantly debating with myself about not bringing the car down, or sitting here whining, each day I go out and ask questions, beat the bushes, and in the process get my chores done. It paid off yesterday because I hit the jackpot. My transportation problems are no more.

While hoofing it to the bank I spotted one of those Handy-Dart type of small buses and managed to flag the driver down. What I learned is almost too good to be true, but it is.

Anytime I need to go somewhere in town I simply call this number, and wait for the bus to pick me up right here at my site. But wait, it gets better. Every Tuesday and Thursday the bus goes over to Blythe on a shopping run. But wait, it gets even better. The cost? $2, if you have it, free if you don't!

On the shopping run, that I'm booked on this morning, the bus stops at a major department store, a major grocery store, and a fresh fruit and produce market. 45 minutes at each stop, then right back to my door! You can bet your sweet bippy I've got my list made out, and when I hit the store, watch out! Grab a cart, fill the cart, pay, and back on the bus. YES!!

Do you know how many $2 bus trips I can take for what it would have cost to get the car down here, or how much it would cost to buy, licence, and insure even a beater? As for getting further afield, leave it with me, I'll find a solution. I am so happy about this.

Happy enough in fact to not be in the least concerned about Chimpy McStagger being pi**ed at me for making fun of him the other day. In fact when I heard he was coming over to whup my butt, I used the same words he used to Osama Bin Forgotten, Bring It On!

He does appear to be full of resolvitude, but it's going to take more than that cowboyerin' belt he's wearing to impress me.

Hey Dubya, grab your lower lip, pull it up over your forehead, and swallow.

Well guys, this happy camper bids you a good day. I'm going to California for $2. YeeHaww!

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