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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Morning folks. Each morning I start off on my walkabout before the sun gets cranked up too high, but there are so many little shops, stalls, parking-lot vendors etc that by the time I've got more junk than I carry I'm 2 miles from home, and the sweat is running off me. I could phone for the bus, but by the time it gets around to me I can slowly walk back. Besides, slow and steady wins the race.

Don, the fellow you described is the one running the bookstore here. Your description of his mode of dress, as little as the law will allow, seems to be accurate. I learned that he wears only a thong, or hackey-sack, so until the weather cools and he puts some damn clothes on, I'll hold off passing on your request. Now, if he was of a different gender I'd be camped on the doorstep. Oh, by the way, he's known around town as "Cheeks". Wonder why. NOT!

It was Lovely Rita the Meter Maid that told me about him. Her and I ended up having a great conversation, very friendly. Hmmm, next time I get lonely I might have her come over and look at my "meter". You just don't quit, do you?

This place is just down the street from me, which is a good thing, because if I don't stop buying junk I might end up a client. And I haven't even hit the dollar store yet.

Hey Alex, remember the log home on stilts that I found for our love-nest in Dawson City? Perhaps you shouldn't have been so quick to give it the thumbs down, because after the trip North, and now the trip down here, this is all I'm able to afford. Don't despair though, I've got me a couple of big ol' rolls of duct tape and in no time I'll have it looking good. What? Man, there's just no pleasing you is there?

As you can probably tell, I'm enjoying the hell out of being here. Years back I used to truck through here and wonder why anyone would choose this place, well I don't wonder anymore. I look forward every day to head out on foot exploring, it's just so alien to any place I've been before.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I'll have some more pics tomorrow. Take care guys.

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