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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Morning folks. Thought I'd better pop in and let you know that all is well with me before my imposed exile. I was kind of hoping the "day" would pass without notice, because like a lot of people, men especially, I'm not comfortable being fussed over. Unless of course she's na......oh, wait, that's something else......never mind.

Not sure what you-know-who has up her sleeve, but since I'm going up to Parker early in the morning, it will be sort of a surprise to see when I get back. Hey, I just thought of something. Since I gave her gold to Boop, this could be payback time. I'm doomed! Maybe I won't come back. At any rate it's great fun.

These are the clamps I've been talking about. If I keep the awning taut it will stand quite a bit of wind, but with the top ones (both sides) being 10' off the ground you can see the need for a ladder.

In looking at this picture of AWOL McSTAGGER you have to wonder if he's back on the sauce, or still on the sauce. There is absolutely nothing going on behind those eyes. Scary when you think that this is arguably the most powerful man on the planet. No less reliable a source than the International Red Cross confirms over a million dead Iraqis, with a further 3 million having fled their own country, not to mention the dead and wounded US servicepeople.

Tell us why, you sock-puppet, you allowed your masters to manipulate you into perpetrating this tragedy upon humanity. No don't bother, it was for the oil. Since it's us common folk that pay for it in the end, why didn't you just buy it? But no, as with every other thing you've done in your sorry life, you've bankrupted your country's treasury, and world reputation.

I hesitated posting this rant, but with his handlers egging him on to start yet another war, this time with Iran, that would probably turn nuclear, the little guy has got to say, Enough!

Sorry about that, but we now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Hope you're all well, and I'll see you in the Comments today, and when I return from Parker tomorrow.

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