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Monday, October 22, 2007

Morning folks. Well, it looks like I'll live to fight another round, feeling a lot better. But before the health gods were finished with me yesterday they had me spit out another kidney stone that made Saturday seem like a walk in the park. YOWW-WEEE! I don't think that was the reason I was feeling so lousy, just coincidence, but I was sort of expecting it because I've had a lot of discomfort in the nether region lately. I've lost count of the number of times it's happened, but it never gets any easier.

Although painful, the scary part is the blood. These things are like chunks of quartz (another coincidence?), full of sharp edges that cut you up pretty badly. It usually takes a few days to heal up, so I'll be waiting until I'm almost ready to wet myself before going, because it's not pleasant. The poor ol' fella has been Roto-Rootered so many times that I'm surprised it still works.

I had one analyzed at the lab at home once, and was told that it was calcium. I eat a normal diet so I don't know why my body stores it up so much, just like I don't know why my body produced so much of the growth hormone prolactin to form the tumor. There was a time when I lived on antacids (calcium), but I haven't used them in years, yet keep spittin' the stones out.

That's probably more information than anyone needed, but since my life is an open book, and it is my site, you get it all here, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The winds did bring a relief from the heat, it only hit 82F yesterday, but they also brought the dust. Molly-Maids where are you when I need you. Everything in here is covered with a fine coat of grit. Oh well, I've got a good sheep's-wool duster, and a can of compressed air, so I can stay on top of it until the winds die down.

I did go for a walk yesterday and found a fresh produce place that is just setting up, and which is only about half as far as the store I've been going to. Slowly all the vendors are getting ready for the season. Also noticing a few more CDN license plates, mainly BC.

Okay guys, have a good week. Probably see ya tomorrow with some pictures.

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