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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Morning folks. Hope you all survived celebrating your Hallowed Weinies, because I need some help from this learned body of blogophiles. Oh give us a break, what do you want?

Yesterday I decided to try hooking up my wireless router, and surprisingly managed to get it right, but can't open a page. The little icon on the right side of my browser bar shows that I'm connected to my secure network, with excellent signal strength etc. When I right-click on the icon it opens the box of available networks, and again shows that I'm connected. But when I click Start, Internet, I get the page not available hooey. I've tried refreshing, shutting down and re-booting, advanced settings, you name it, can't open a page.

I called a computer guy here in town and from the questions he asked me I'm hesitant to pay what he wants for a service call. I think I'm just one mouse click away but where, and what?

So put your thinking caps on guys, Dave?, and either walk me through the process, or give me some suggestions. Keep in mind it says I'm connected. If it helps at all my router is a D-Link, Model DI-524. When I bought it I had Sparky the Wonder-Lad program it, and it always worked fine. I know it's hooked up right because it's showing my network, but I just need that mouse-click.

If the fellow I called had of inspired any confidence in me I'd bite the bullet and pay the exorbitant price, but when he started talking about it depending on what he finds, when he was asking questions that made me wonder if he even knew what a router was, I decided to come begging hat in hand. Besides I don't want to blow all the Xmas earring money on this goombah.

If we can't figure it out I might just leave well enough alone. I'm hooked direct to the modem now, and have got the wires etc pretty well tucked away, so all I'd gain is not having the ethernet cable laying across the table. But I thought it worth asking.

Also tell me if it's wise to put my e-mail addy on here, I don't see any harm, but then I can be naive about these things. Just thought it would be easier to pass anything along. As for the mail I've got the usual spam guards etc, and I don't open any that I don't recognize.

Thanks guys, I'll be sitting here with bated breath. Okay, let's not overdo it.

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