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Monday, November 05, 2007

Morning folks. It's said that confession is good for the soul, which I believe, so I'm about to clean mine up a bit. It's about my setting the clocks in the wrong direction on Saturday night.

I was sitting here reading, well aware that it is 'spring forward, fall back', when an old sea-faring buddy stopped in. Captain Morgan. By the time he left I was lucky that I even found a clock.

What happened was that I had got a ride to the store that day, and in this particular store it seems that half the shelves are full of booze, wine and beer. Each time I go in I pay no attention to it, but Saturday I decided what the hey, I haven't had a drink in the month I've been here, so I grabbed one of those big ol' bottles with a handle on it. Bad move! Even picked up another 24-pack of Coke.

Got back home, invited the fellow in for a little drink, had a nice chat, he left, and I thought that if the Lord hates a coward, he's going to be proud of me tonight. I had also picked up a pizza on the way back, so I proceeded to have myself a nice evening. Since I very seldom drink anymore it didn't take many until I was ready for beddy-byes, and should have left the clocks alone, because when I got up after my usual 4 hours of sleep I couldn't figure out what was going on.

So there, I'm once again chaste. (You wish!) Not much planned for today, I'm pretty well stocked up so as soon as the sun rises I'm going to walk up to the truck stop, chat with the drivers a bit, hit a few vendors on the way back, and just have a relaxing day around here. Might sound boring to some but I'm enjoying every minute.

Hope your week goes well, and I'll see if I can find something interesting on my walk to take pictures of and post them tomorrow.

Oops, just read Upriver Dave's comment. Well, at least this time I can find the clocks to re-set them. Not that I didn't believe you Dave, but I Googled DST and learned that only the Navajo Nation in Arizona observe it. Now the question is do I change the clock on the computer, or just leave it alone? Well, I'll be darned, by right-clicking the time I was able to set it to Arizona time. Much more of this nonsense and I'm going to have to invite the Captain down out of the cupboard.

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