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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Morning folks. Since my little buddy up there is in his usual catatonic state I thought I'd use his time to let you know that my router is now functioning. While I did get rid of the ethernet cable, due to the massive amount of award-winning journalism coursing through the unit, and the local ambient temperature, I had to jerry-rig a cooling system for it. It's working well, but if my typing speed gets above 8 words a minute it does tend to protest. With a few adjustments I'll be ready to go to market soon, in fact I'll be starting the patenting process this week.

If marketed the unit will be known as the Trucker Bob1-A, TB-1A, or for my prospective Canadian clients, the Trucker Bob1-eh? With the CDN looney soaring so high above the US eagle the expected initial pricing will be $6,000 US, or $1.12 CDN.

With the serious (?) stuff out of the way, I've got to tell you of how well things are going for me, and also how much I appreciate this venue to be able to tell you so. A lot of you guys have hung in with me since the dark days, and with that support I've come a long way. I think I could have made it on my own, but I know that you've all made it easier.

Each day I look forward to getting my post up, and then as the comments come in, being able to kibbitz with you. If only you knew how important each and every one of you are to me, comments or no. You know I like to tease, but I hope you also know that I would never intentionally offend. Okay, this is getting a little maudlin. Cowboy up Dude!

Hope your week goes well, and in the words of Telly Savalas (Kojack), who loves ya baby?

P.S. The brain farts continue, I set all my clocks, and watch, AHEAD last night. Might have to start leaving a trail of bread crumbs when I go out, just so I can find my way home.

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