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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Morning folks. Sorry, no pics today, in fact I didn't even go for a walk yesterday. I'd forgotten about it being the first Monday of the month, which means coffee and donuts at the clubhouse. What a great way to meet the other tenants here. Not every person showed up, but enough did that we sat around and chatted for a couple of hours.

One of the fellows had an extra remote control he loaned me, and Houston, we have lift off! Turned my TV on without even having to re-program it. So now I have to investigate something I've heard, that being the satellite companies here won't sell a dish to a Canadian. I've heard different stories so I'll check it out, and if push comes to shove I think I can get hooked up through my phone/internet provider.

I also learned of a product at our get-together that will ease my mind. Because the water here is so harsh I've been concerned what it might do to my hot water tank. So today I'll go to the RV supply store and buy this plug you screw into the drain, similar to a magnetic drain plug in a transmission or differential, that will remove all that crud before it eats a hole in the aluminum. The rest of the plumbing in here is plastic, so no worries there. Just another benefit from not being afraid to ask questions.

Received a nice e-mail from my bud Bill the Barber telling me of his catching 15 salmon on his last fishing trip, which knowing him I believe. He sure knows how to rub it in. Well, so do I. Since he wouldn't come up to the Yukon to cut my hair, or come down here, I've found another. There is a retired barber here in the park that gave me my first good haircut in years. KIDDING! Actually it was a good haircut, made even better because it was free. He wouldn't accept payment, but since he is a member of a church here in town, I made a contribution to his church. So you enjoy your salmon Bill, because I'm enjoying all the attention I'm getting from the ladies in my sartorial splendor. Oh give me a break!

Okay guys, have a good 'un, see ya tomorrow.

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