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Friday, November 09, 2007

Morning folks. I'm glad you're all far enough away from here not to have heard the language out of me yesterday. Twice I went out to shoot a DV, and both times either the camera buggered up, or more likely I did something to it that is causing it. I had no trouble shooting it, but it wouldn't stop. The second time, after my masterful fine-tuning, I had to take the batteries out. But don't give up, because I'm not, I'll figure out what the #$% is wrong, or stomp the damn thing.

All is not lost however, I did take a few stills. This first one is where I took my short flight. I broke over the top, gave it some throttle, and went off that little hump. Be assured, my Evel Knevelin' days are over. I simply wanted to know how fast I could go over something without making a 3-point landing, as in two ears and a nose.

These next ones I took at a rock vendor's display. This is just an extremely small sample of what he has for sale. So very pretty in person.

I forget what this is.

This is Australian peanut wood. The picture doesn't do it justice. Hey Peter, tell us about this please.

And this is petrified wood, again, so pretty.

I've got some more pictures from there, including a treat for Judles, that I'll put up another time. This particular place I had been to once before, but believe me it was a helluva walk, but now with Baby Bear it's just a couple of varoom, varoom, power shifts and I'm there. Love it!

I have so many more things to share with you, but again this is getting too long. If you guys are getting 5% of the enjoyment I'm getting from this it's more than worth it.

See you tomorrow with some more of the dreadful life I'm living down here. It's rough, but damnit I'm going to hang in for your sakes. Okay, get this guy outa here!

Oops, forgot, tomorrow is Saturday Chuckles, then on Sunday I'm going to give you a break. L'il Bear is all pouty because I'm spending all my time with Baby Bear. Maybe if he woke up once in a while. So, a few guffaws tomorrow, then back to natterin' on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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