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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Morning folks. Okay, let's clean up what I had intended to post yesterday before Baby Bear showed up to distract me. This first picture is my work station as Official Can Crusher. Bill, the manager, sits in the chair with a couple of Hefty trash bags full and passes the cans one by one to me to crush in that thingy on the wall, and I drop them into the milk crate. Things go along well until I get him laughing and then he loses the rhythm so we have to take a break. It's tough, demanding work but I'm bearing up well.

These are the anode rods I mentioned for the hot water tank. The top one of course is a new one, and the ones below are what they look like after 2 months, at least according to the RV supply store. I flushed my tank well and it seemed clean, but I put a rod in anyway.

Just some shots from one of the vendors. Hold on thar, ya varmint!

Taking the meat to market.

And finally, although I now have Baby Bear to run for water if needed, that won't be necessary because my tank arrived yesterday. 50 gallons delivered to my door once a month for $21.50, and as a new customer the first fill is 100 gallons for the same price. You'd need a big stick to beat that.

This is getting a bit long so I'll just tell you that I had a great time riding Baby Bear yesterday. Each little jaunt I go a bit farther and get more comfortable on it. Actually had it airborne a few feet over some humps, but nothing serious.

Starting today I'll pack my camera with me when I go riding, and yes I so want to post some DVs. Take care guys, and thanks for stopping by.

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