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Monday, November 19, 2007

Morning folks. Well, I survived the big ride yesterday, in spite of a not very enjoyable first hour. By the time we made our first stop I decided to break off on my own, because I was sick of following the lead guy over every big pile of rocks he could find, at speeds that were ridiculous. Not only was I concerned about cutting my tires up, but we were passing too many places I wanted to explore, sensibly. Also the fine gritty dust was really bothering my eyes.

So I spent the next couple of hours in an area called La Posa South, a BLM long-term campsite. Very interesting. There were $50 tents, and half-million dollar motorhomes. I had researched this type of camping on the computer before I came down and decided it was not for me, but after talking to people there yesterday, I'm not so sure anymore.

Although technically a "dry-camp", there is water, a dump site for holding tanks, garbage dumpsters, heck even a pay phone. Of course the price of $180 for 6 months is something else to consider. The "sites" themselves are extremely big compared to the way you're squeezed into these RV parks, with some folks out there even having little solar-powered lights on their "drive-ways".

Now before you start yelling at me, I didn't take any pictures, partly because I was a little pissed at the way things started off. I am going back out there to learn more, because although I'm staying where I am for this winter, it's something to think seriously about for next trip down. And yes, because I'll be in charge of entertainment next time out there, I'll definitely take pictures.

So although the day started off pretty "rocky" it ended up great. I have a ride planned for this week with the first fellow I went out with, and I'm looking forward to that. He drives along sensibly, and takes the time to point things out to me. No more mountain climbing, I just want to go 'splorin'.

Hope you're all well, and as always, thanks for listening.

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