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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Morning folks. I hadn't really planned on posting today but L'il Bear insisted I show up, because with all the preparations I'm making for today's big ride, I think he's afraid I'm running away.

Two of the fellows here have invited me along on what will be my longest ride yet. We're leaving at 8 am, and plan to be back around 2 pm. I've always overpacked for a trip, but this is ridiculous, but thankfully the carrier has room for everything.

Spare gas, tool kit, tow rope, tire repair kit, air filter, water, power bars, and of course my camera. I've even got a mask to cover my mouth and nose for the dust, and since the top of my head is so sunburnt I might even wear a cap. Wuss!

Now I'm really like a kid with a new toy, because I'm looking forward to getting out there and running with the big dogs. Should be a hoot.

I'm sure all will go well, but wish me luck just in case. I don't know what to expect in the way of scenery, but hope to have some pictures to post tomorrow.

Later guys.

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