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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Morning folks. Oh the games people play, or, karma's a bi**h. The fellow that had invited me on Sunday's ill-fated ride came around yesterday to apologize for his "friends". Also told me that not long after I left on my own, the lead jerk broke down and they didn't get back until 9 pm. Looks good on ya!

There was actually 4 of us that started out, and although I was the oldest of all but one they decided to give the "new guy" a baptism by fire. And how did that work out for you guys? Now he wants him and I to go for a ride, with me in the lead. I told him that sounded good, and suggested a date....the 12th of NEVER!

His wife even stopped by later in the day to tell me how bad he feels about it all. Almost used Billy Ray Cyrus's's a quarter, call someone who cares. Yep, karma's a bi**h.

Other than that bit of fun I spent a quiet day yesterday. Started off with coffee and donuts in the clubhouse, went downtown and did my shopping, had that little drama, and ended with a nice chat with Boop on the phone. All's well here in Paradise.

Going to give a fellow here a hand today to change an injector in his come-and-pick-me-up truck. Do me good to get a little grease under my fingernails, getting too wussy laying around. Of course this is a fellow that has snuck off to Parker a few times without me. Maybe I'll put it in upside down, because afterall, wait for it.....karma's a bi**h.

Can you tell I'm enjoying this? Anywhoo, have yourselves a good day, and thanks for stopping by.

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