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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Morning folks. Well, nothing but good news today. Jim and his wife left yesterday morning, in fact called me when they got across the border at Sweetgrass MT, and again at 1:45 pm as they were leaving Butte. He wasn't sure how much further they'd go, I'm guessing Idaho Falls or even Pocatello. They're planning on arriving here on Saturday, which will give them time to rest up before we do the big shopping trip to Parker.

I've been checking things off in the flyers, and so far have all the important items on my list. Things like cherries, shrimp, King Crab legs, tequila and mix for the margaritas, some adult sody-pop, you know, the necessities of life. After 2 1/2 months of the pitiful shopping here I can't wait to get to a real store.

Another good bit of news is the weather. The 15-day forecast shows nothing but sunny days, in fact it hit 80F yesterday. While I certainly enjoy that kind of weather, with them coming from the cold it just makes it all the better.

We're going to have coffee and donuts in the clubhouse this morning, the first since Bill's passing, then a friend and I are going off on a big ride. Back about 1 pm, get a haircut, then it's time to get serious on the housework, laundry, etc. Not my favorite thing to be doing, but don't mind it a bit. If they are willing to drive 1500 miles to get here the least I can do is have everything spic and span for them.

Hope your Xmas is shaping up as well as mine is. Hopefully when I see you on Monday I'll have some pictures to put up, but for now have yourselves a good weekend, because I sure plan to.

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