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Monday, January 14, 2008

Morning folks. One more piece of good news concerning my re-entry into couch-potatodom with the acquisition of the satellite dish, is that the TV set built in here is working great. I'm so glad now that I didn't throw it away, and as for not being able to turn it off and on manually, who cares, because I managed to program the remote that came with the package to do that.

So now instead of waiting the normal 2-3 minutes for someone to p*ss me off I can turn CNN on and Wolf Blitzer can get me fired up enough to face the day. Kidding! (sort of)

They've finally put the big tent up in the area known as Tyson's, and while it has brought a lot more vendors, or what I call 'woolie creatures', there really isn't the crowds I expected. I went over yesterday on the Quad to get some pictures, but since it's across the freeway the only place I could get up high enough was on the overpass and I couldn't safely stop there. So I'll walk over today and get some to show you, sheesh!.

The walk will probably do me some good because for the last week or so Timmy has been kickin' my butt. Enough so that if it keeps up I may cut my time here short and head back to B.C., because although I have extra health insurance I absolutely don't want to end up in a hospital down here. It's nowhere near panic time, just covering the bases.

I had been entertaining thoughts of staying down here full-time, with maybe heading for higher, cooler ground for 3 months during the summer, but this latest episode has put those thoughts way on the back burner. So unless something happens I'll be heading North anytime after the first week of April. Besides there are a lot of things I miss, like green grass, my car, water that you don't have to have trucked in, and shopping!!

Well, there you have it guys, my semi-weekly check in. Hope you're all well and that your week goes smoothly. See you Thursday.

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