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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Morning folks. The trip up to Parker on Monday went well...real well! After getting our business done, including filling out forms for refunds on license and insurance on the Quad, we headed for the store. Guess what I found......SHRIMP! Needing something to make up for the loss of my trusty steed, I'm now happily gnawing away at 4 lbs of soul food. Damn, they're good!

The weather is not making it any easier to leave here, it is just so nice. Especially when I see that it is still snowing where I'm heading. It can't happen because of my medical coverage, but I am so tempted to say the heck with it, and stay. Of course without a passport I can't even get on a plane to go up and retrieve my car, but you can bet when I do return I'll have things in order. I'm thinking 8 months here and 4 in B.C.

If it surprised some of you that I sold the Quad, it would shock you if you knew what I'm thinking about doing with the Bear. A hint....I can buy a 32' trailer, with a good-sized outside breeze room, in place here at the Park, for what it will cost me just in gas to drive the Bear to Clinton and back. Add to that the fact that 6 months site rent up there would pay 3 years rent here, well....I'm thinking. Still a lot of homework to do, but there could be some changes coming. Nothing will happen this cycle, but when I come back things might change.

The thing that I appreciate so much is that I'm in a position to contemplate things like this, all without jeopardizing the life I have now. Truly fortunate!

So there you have it, and as you can see, things are plumb fine with me. Hope you all have a good weekend, and I'll see you Monday. Now I'll get my lazy keister over to answer your appreciated comments.

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