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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Morning folks. For a man that has never been comfortable with people fussing over him I must admit that I enjoyed the hell out of yesterday. While they are not necessary, or a reason to blog, we all like getting comments, and yesterday was the most I have ever received. It was humbling to hear from old friends, new friends, and special friends. I also made out like gang-busters in the gift department. A heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone!

For those that have'nt read the latest update on Karen (Huggy), she will be coming home today, her home that is, from the hospital. A big sigh of relief from all of us! All of the help she gives me aside, she is simply a good person.

Today starts the WWOTD part of the Question of the day. Those that know him will agree that Ol' Hoss is absolutely smarter than the average bear, so this should be fun. I have a list of 400 actual words that have never been seen on the internet, so bear down Hoss, it's crunch time. For the rest of us the WOTD will continue.

Back to the "B" day for a moment. Two of the special things that happened were: my friend and soul-mate devoting a post to me (WOW!) and another one by one of my "heroes". Her page is the first one I go to each day, and to have her acknowledge me blew my socks off! I am a current affairs junkie, and Bush-Whacker in training, and it's sites like hers that I enjoy. One day, for what it's worth, I'm going to put up a list of the sites I enjoy, then sit back and watch your eyes glaze over.

To work: WOTD...Yesterday..Algedonics...Science of pleasure and pain.
.................Today...Annodated (think shapes)
WWOTD....Cacatory...Think night-time at the ol' farts home.

QOTD: When your car is stolen, the police officer asks you if there was anything of value in it.

Off to find a picture for this afternoon.

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