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Friday, October 21, 2005

Morning folks. A little slow off the mark again to-day, thanks to this blasted cold that keeps on hangin' on. Almost need a drain cup for my sinuses. Oops, I can almost hear you saying, "thanks for sharing that with us". Don't know whether it's just me, but these things seem to come more often and stay longer. There was a time I could blame it on sleeping next to an open crack but, alas, no more. (Now stop that!).

Compared to my whiny little thing my tech assistant has a real health issue happening. She had major surgery yesterday to remove ovarian cysts. It had been hoped to do it laproscopically but for whatever reason that did'nt happen. I know the procedure was completed, but beyond that I've heard no news. I'll phone the hospital later to-day.

Going to drive Booper to the airport in a couple of hours. She's going over to Calgary to meet one of our sons, then to his place to spend some time with two of our grand-children. She's been run ragged lately tending to her sister, who just had brain surgery, so I'm not going. This will be her time. I've been told what's planned for her and she'll have a time. Later to-day she'll have dinner in the dining room atop the Husky Tower, then spend the night in a luxury suite on the 24th floor of a fancy hotel. Damn, maybe I should go! Oops, I just read what I typed, she goes to his place in Drumheller to-morrow. Our son Bob, who is working over in the Kootenays, is also going to meet her and have dinner with her and Brian to-night.

I found a great picture of a truck yesterday that I'd like to put up but I'm trying to make sure it's allowed. It's on a Flickr page, and while mine on that site are public I'm not sure that everyone's are. One of the reasons I'd like to do it is the colors would so match up with the page, plus it show's the pride some guys have in their trucks. Think I'll just do it, and quit worrying.

WOTD: Yesterday...Albicant...Whitish, becoming white.
..............To-day:...Cabotage (think freight)

QOTD:...You wake up in the morning and don't know the person next to you.

See you later to-day.

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