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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Morning folks. Hope the new font size makes the page a little easier to read. You guys are too nice to say anything but I felt the previous was just a bit small. If the page had content of matter that would also make it easier to read, but as long as it stays within the boundaries of reasonably good taste I can live with it, and hope you can too. That's it for the nattering, being Sunday let's do a Robert Service poem.


"If you repent," the Parson said,
"Your sins will be forgiven.
Aye, even on your dying bed
You're not too late for Heaven."

That's just my cup of tea, I thought,
Though for my sins I sorrow;
Since salvation is easy bought
I will

To-morrow and to-morrow went,
But though my youth was flying,
I was reluctant to repent,
Having no fear of dying.

'Tis plain, I mused, the more I sin,
(To Satan's jubilation)
When I repent the more I'll win
Celestial approbation.

So still I sin, and though I fail
To get snow-whitely shriven,
My timings good: I hope to hail
The last bus up to Heaven.

We'll pick up the W&QOTD's to-morrow.

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