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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Morning folks. It never fails, every time I feel half-human I get itchy feet. The last few days Timmy has been behaving and oh my, do I ever have a case of wanderlust. As Vickie said in her post yesterday, the road was yanked out from under me also, and I miss it a lot. While I enjoy driving this "truck", I miss the hell out of the one sitting there on the right. I'm blessed with great family and friends, but the highway truly was my home.

This time it's even more than a bad case of "white-line fever", I'm thinking of going up country and buying a little acreage, perhaps, and moving away from this town I've lived in for 40 years. This was such a great place to raise the family but our wonderful little ocean-side community is fast becoming a forest of high-rises. I've long maintained that progress is not necessarily always good and we're seeing the truth in that now. The developers move in, ruin the landscape with their ugly-assed buildings, grab the money, and run.

Because of my age, and Timmy, I realistically am never going to enjoy the open road as I did most of my life, but I can make an effort to enjoy open spaces. This is a wonderful province with lots of great places to live, so why allow oneself to be hemmed in by grid-lock, far too many people, and all that that entails. Like million dollar homes and condos surrounding me. For that kind of money you should'nt have to meet your "neighbor" in the hall-way every time you take your garbage down to the dumpster. Might be better to leave with great memories than to turn sour and start finding fault with everything.

While thinking of these things the last few days I realized that if I was to move, it would have to be to a place where I could have internet connection. Hate to admit it, not really, but this computer, blogging, etc. has become a part of my life. I've got an area in mind and that won't be a problem, so I could have the best of both worlds. Of course there are a lot more things to consider, like access to medical care, shopping, etc. but a little home-work will help with that.

Enough nattering, let's quit day-dreaming and get down to business.

WOTD: Yesterday..Clinomania. Answer..excessive desire to stay in bed.
To-day's:...Gig (think transportation)

QOTD: You are just about to be introduced to someone and you sneeze into your hands without a tissue.

Have a good 'un folks.

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