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Friday, October 07, 2005

Morning folks. I chose that acronym for a title to-day because a certain somebody is probably whooping those letters right now. First the spoiled brat shows up with a beauty of a 'Vette, then rubs our noses in it with his own wine blog, now it's off to the Caribbean for a week. Sheesh! What's next bud, are you going to fess up to impregnating Tom Cruise's love-child? That little twit does'nt have the cajones to have a pregnant thought.

Yes Margaret, the WOTD's are real words. So as to dispel any thoughts that I actually might have a brain, I must admit that they will be coming from a web-site that was pointed out to me by someone that believes that Life Is Simply Good. That statement on it's own is great, but when you realize the author is living with MS, it's meaning is even more special.

You guys down there in Murka have got to stop picking on Commander Play-Station. Now the poor folks in NYC have to be fearful to ride the subways while he tries to restore his smirk and swagger. Homeland Security claims to not know anything about it, but then again they did'nt know anything about any pesky hurricanes.

I have never been a conspiracy theorist, but after watching something on CNN one day my interest was definitely piqued. I Googled, heh, and came up with this site. If you can, spend some time there, the photos alone are worth the visit. As to the possibilities of the subject matter, I believe there is something there. Keep an open mind. I recommend "A Pilot's View".

I'll probably be back with another post or two during the day so there is no point in tiring my "pecker" on this one. I'm fast becoming a blogomaniac! I guess it's true, small things amuse small minds.

To-day's QOTD was suggested by Huggy:

You are on the first day of a new job that you really need and want. You notice that your boss has the worst rug/toupe' that you have ever seen.

WOTD: Yesterday's who nibbles on women's ear lobes. You guys were good on that one!

To-day's: Allotriophagy. (Think pregnancy)

Have a decent day. That's an order!

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