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Monday, October 10, 2005

Morning folks. With this being our Thanksgiving day here in Canada, and watching the latest natural disaster in Pakistan, I realize how thankful I am to live in a part of the world where things like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. etc. are not common occurrences. There are parts of the province where forest fires are a problem, but living here in White Rock, by the ocean, even they don't affect me. For those things, among many others, I am truly thankful.

While certainly not a natural disaster, I see the Denver area starting the week off with up to 18" of snow this morning. Going to be a long winter! Sure glad I'm not heading west on I-70 with a full load to-day. Been there, done that. No thank you.

With Booper's sister recovering in hospital from brain surgery, Brian and his family in Alberta, we put Thanksgiving on the back-burner this year. Xmas has always been the important holiday for us, hopefully by then things are better as far as celebrating.

Finally broke down and bought myself a new chair yesterday. With the gas cylinder going on the other one, after about two sentences I had to look up to see the keyboard. Might as well have just sat on the floor. I mistakenly thought that buying a more expensive chair meant a better set of hardware under there. Au contraire, this executive chair has the same cylinder. Should have done my homework, I could have bought 4 of the others for the price of this one. Oh well.

It's apparent to even me that all I'm doing is nattering, so let's do the words now and maybe I can come back later to-day with something more cogent, or perhaps I can find a picture you might enjoy. God, you're such a demanding bunch! ;-)

Last WOTD: ceratoid. Meaning: shaped like a horn, horny.
To-day's WOTD: clinomania. (think monday mornings)

QOTD: You see a penny on the ground.

Have a decent day guys!

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