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Friday, October 07, 2005

There is a person on here who is, normally, a pleasant person. At times almost funny, in fact. However yesterday she did something that made me wonder if she is back on the sauce. In making an appreciated comment here she called me a, gasp, PERV. Now I will admit to being a bonafide PREVERT, but absolutely not a PERVERT.

I sent my crack investigative team out to see if she was into her beloved Polish Wodka, aka "porch-climber". Sure enough, in a catatonic state.

In an effort to wean her off the "pant-remover", I found one of her old baby bottles that should help. In time we hope to replace the contents with apple juice that should stop the angry outbursts. Hang in Goob, we're here for you.

The above message was approved by the Goobernator (I hope!).

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