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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Morning folks. Those of you that stop by regularly have seen how I like to put interesting photos up. Some are funny, some colorful, some help to tell whatever I'm trying to tell, but most are just "filler". I enjoy this blogging, and when I don't have anything in particular to say, go to Plan B and stick a picture up. If some of you enjoy them that's great, but if some find them annoying, just humor me.

Yesterday one of my buds provided a link to a site that will keep me in "filler" for a long, long time. These are professional quality photos that I hope you guys enjoy because I know I will. I feel a little sheepish about putting other people's work up, but will give due credit where possible. Thanks so much Sue!

Also yesterday I mentioned how our beautiful little sea-side community was becoming a forest of high-rises. The latest plan involves tearing down a small, friendly "mall", and a handful of small stores, to be replaced with 4 towers containing 412 condos, shops, and sidewalk cafes. I put mall in quotations because 4 or 5 big-trucks would fill the parking lot. The towers will be 14, 17, 17, and 19 stories high. So another 8oo or so people to fill the streets that are already over-full. I'm guessing the units will be in the $300K range, in a town that I bought my first house for $13K in '65. Has my income gone up 2300%?, yeah right!

Booper's sister is recovering nicely from her brain surgery, and is just waiting for biopsy results from the the tumor that was removed before being discharged from hospital. She required a lot of care before the surgery and now probably even more. To give his Mom a break, our son Brian is flying her over to Alberta next week-end to spend some time with 2 of our grand-children. I'm not going because we want this to be her time, she's wore ragged lately.

I'm still thinking seriously of moving "up country", and to that end our son Bob is gathering a bunch of information for me over in the south-east part of the province where he's working. He'll send pictures etc., so that saves me a lot of travelling around. Who knows, maybe one day soon I'll be able to put a sign over the lane into my place saying "El Rancho No Gotto". One can dream.

WOTD: Yesterday's...Gig--Light two-wheeled, one-horse carriage.
To-day's...Kip ( think heavy )

QOTD: You're second to last in line and there is only one more serving left.

Be nice to somebody to-day!

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