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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Morning folks. I notice that I forgot to title yesterday's offering, so that little faux pas will no longer be a concern, going back to numbering them. As I said at the last site, I'm all over the map so a title does'nt mean anything. So there!

Speaking of maps, nice segue, while visiting Ol' Hoss yesterday I clicked open a link he provided to one of his buds. Funny stuff! Especially this post. Those of you who have'nt been around to see Hoss are missing out on a great site. He's proof that there is life after death.

I've been talking about moving over to the south-east part of the province, the Kootenays. While this home is waaay out of my price range, if you click around that site you'll see the absolute beauty of the area.

Just had an interesting phone call from one of my ol' trucker buds, Woody. At 3:30 am, my time, phone rings; "Good Morning" "Bob, you're still alive!" Turns out he had met a guy at the truck stop that told him I had gone on to my just rewards. Checked my pulse just in case, yep, still here. Woody's in Toronto after hauling a load of Hewlitt-Packard products there from Sacramento, or "sack o' tomatoes" as we call it. Later to-day he's loading truck suspensions for Freightliner in Portland Oregon. We had a nice phone visit and a few laughs but I've got to admit that while I really enjoy hearing from my ol' buds, it really makes me realize how much I miss that life. It's a different "truck", but this computer allows me to still travel around the blogging community. Fuel is a lot cheaper too, so I'm doing okay.

Enough nattering, let's get to work:

WOTD...yesterday's, Kip. Unit of weight(1000lbs) Good one Karen.
To-day's...Aquiline (think honker)

QOTD...Your boss catches you looking at nude pictures on the internet.

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