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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Morning folks. I'd like to welcome a couple of new "friends" who have come here via this lady. I'm sure it won't be long before the quotations marks will be removed when I refer to Monica and Jude. Before I start getting teased some more about my"harem" I should assign them real macho pseudonyms to comment under, like Spike or Bruiser. NOT!

Speaking of "this lady", she is making me jealous. In helping me find some properties to look at in the Kootenays she found the great picture that she has on her page to-day. I've always prided myself with knowing my way around the country, but she's finding places that I did'nt know existed, and I love it.

I have subscribed to one of our major newspapers for a long time, but was getting fed up with their way of treating subscribers like me. Every time the subscription came up for renewal, every 4 months, there would be a price increase. Fair enough, that's the way of the world anymore. But not once did they try to justify it, just here's the new price, period. I had had enough so I contacted them and told them not to renew. Even a mealy-mouthed excuse would have done, but I was tired of being treated like that. So, lo and behold, in the mail yesterday was an offer to renew my subscription for less than half of what I had been paying. That so pixxed me off that I would'nt take the damn thing if it was free. With their circulation in the hundreds of thousands think about the amount of money involved. Grrr!

Okay, enough whining, down to business.

WOTD: Yesterday...Albocracy. Government by white people.

QOTD:..You catch a baseball at a big game. There is a five-year old sitting in front of you.

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