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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Morning folks. While doing the cross-word just now with my toast and coffee I came across a clue, "Professional Rubber", that made me think. Like, how good do you have to be to use one of those? Is there a test? Wow, talk about bringing a man up "short"! When I worked out the answer, "Masseuse", even the big fella seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

While truckin' around the blogging community yesterday I stopped at one of my bud's place and saw a photo that took my breath away with it's natural beauty. Not only that but the colors would so match this page. So I sent a note asking permission to put it up here and not only was given permission but was thanked for wanting to do it. How great is that? So, if you can, come back later, you won't be disappointed. I'll provide a link, and a few words, about the person.

With Hurricane Wilma looking like it's going to hit Florida on the week-end I wonder if the federal response will be any quicker than it was in the Gulf states? Yeah right!

Speaking of things political, (who, me?) things have'nt been going real well for Chimpy McFlightSuit lately. Looks like the chickens are finally coming home to roost. Thousands of lives, and billions of dollars, I'd say it's about damn time.

Still on Florida, I've been thinking lately of taking a trip down to Key West, after the hurricane season of course. Sit on the beach wearing a pair of shorts, exposing my knobby knees, an old straw hat, an industrial strength Margarita, listening to Jimmy Buffet music! Who knows, some old girl with blue hair and a purple poodle might come along and join me. could even be someone that worked as a "Professional Rubber". Lose the dog, rinse the hair, and let's get it on!

Lighten up folks, just having a bit of fun, but the trip is a definite possibility. Hey, I just realized, with a "harem" the size of mine, I don't need to sit and wait for ol' blue-hair. Hmm.

Now to work. Don't forget to come back later.

WOTD: Melomania--Craze for music
To-day's: Albicant (think color)

QOTD: You have accidentally forwarded a personal e-mail message to the company president.

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