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Monday, October 24, 2005

Morning folks. Hope everyone made it through the week-end safely. Heard from Booper yesterday and she's really enjoying her time with the grand-children, in fact when she called she was watching our grand-son Chris playing football in a school tournament. Her pride came through in her voice, kinda made me wish that I was there, but this is her time. For an ex-wife she's a good ol' boot (I'll pay for that one), and with getting her sister through brain surgery she deserves this break.

Still on surgery, most regular readers know that Karen had an operation last week (Thursday), and for updates you can go to her site. I was given the phone number of the hospital, her phone really, and after an appropiate time I called on Saturday. Most also know I call her Huggy and this is how the conversation went: "Hello- Hey Huggy, how ya doin'?- Hello-How ya feelin' Huggy-Who is this-Who the hxxl else calls you Huggy-(silence)-This is Karen's mother, WHO IS THIS-(oops)-this is Bob etc". We both a good laugh finally, especially after her telling me that she knew who I was but was going to be asking Karen about this Huggy stuff. I started to explain but when she laughed I realized that was a gotchya. My kind of humor, nice lady.

On Saturday a certain ol' codger down in Orrygun, who also has a sense of humor I appreciate, took a playful poke at me when he questioned the type of dictiominary I used for the WOTD. Game on!, henceforth the WOTD will be in two parts, one for the pedestrian folks like me, and one for the wordsmith's among us, like Hoss. It will be the WWOTD. I'll finish the ones I have (2) then start the two-parter. Should be fun.

Another good friend of this page was a little bashful when she announced that her site would record it's 50,000th hit on Saturday. Not true! That was the number of visits, but a hit is either a visit or a view. As of two minutes ago her hits are 87,586! Don't hide your light under a bushel dear, you've got a great site, and deserve every one of them.

WOTD: Logomachy (think above piece about Hoss)

QOTD: At work, you walk in on your boss smoking marijuana in the bathroom.

See ya later to-day.

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