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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Morning folks. The other day I mentioned how uncomfortable I get when people make a fuss over me. At the insistence of a certain someone I decided to go with the flow, and I'm so glad I did because right now I've got a big case of the warm fuzzys. To receive such complimentary comments and e-mail has me wondering if I could get away with a "B" day every few weeks. This site has only been up for 3 weeks and already my old friends, along with some new ones, are making me feel that perhaps this time I've got it right. You're truly a great bunch of guys!

Last Saturday Ol' Hoss urged his readers to visit this lady. Because I did'nt want to get slapped, I dutifully did so, and am glad for doing it. After spending some time there I urge you to visit her page, because she is one of us. I have her on the roll as "ivy". There are other new friends to link you to and I'll be doing that in time.

Our teachers finally went back to work this week after walking the picket line for 2 weeks. Without picking sides I have to seriously question the intelligence of those responsible for teaching our children. One of their bones of contention was class size, and the things they wanted to correct the problem, as they saw it, would cost $100 million to implement. Since the government saved $160 million in wages they were only too glad to agree to the changes. So who won that scrap? Of course we all know who lost..the children, and the parents that had to scramble for day-care etc. If I was a teacher I would send my "leaders" back to Labour Relations 101.

The men can relate to this, but how is it that you can leave the barber shop after a hair-cut thinking it looks good, then next morning when you reach up to shampoo your hair in the shower, think my God I'm bald! One of the great mysteries of life. Oh well, guess I'll have to wear a touque for awhile, wait, I don't have one. Sorry ladies, I won't be able to come out and play until the new foliage appears. Oh, the agony of it all!

There, this post should cover the 3 themes of this page, musing, nattering, and time-wasting, so let's do the serious(?) part.

WWOTD: Yesterday...Cacatory......Accompanied by loose bowels.
..................Today....Circumbilivagination...No more clues Hoss.
WOTD: Yesterday...Annodated.....Shaped like the letter "S".
..............Today...Galactophagist (think moustache, sort of)

QOTD: Your partner of one month asks you to get tested for AIDS.

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